SoloVue's Services

charting1The small and medium sized wholesale and distribution company's business landscape has changed forever. The burning question is how can these companies leverage technology to combat industry chaos and realize their true profit potential. The winners will be those that deploy an affordable, world class enterprise technology that can exploit growth opportunities and profitability while minimizing risk. 


Smart Automation

smart automation SoloVue utilizes a proprietary system called Smart Automation. This is where the software can actually do the thinking for you. Based on your companies policies, parameters and priorities the software will automate and accomplish tasks thereby freeing up precious employee resources.

Customers run their businesses more effectively, helping them to gain  greater  insight into their business activities and providing them with lasting benefits  by automating their business process.


Get The Power Of Codes

codessmrev SoloVue constantly monitors and analyzes key order fulfillment information while automatically assigning relevant status codes. The color coded codes, in conjunction with the priority parameters, relieves your employees of making difficult or time consuming decisions. The status codes for customers, orders and products are powered by your company's policy preferences and can be quickly fine tuned at any time.


Automated Messaging

email sm SoloVue's automated messaging exponentially increases the lines of communication between you and your customers while minimizing human interaction. Your company will benefit greatly from increased order fulfillment and less open invoices while creating more informed and better satisfied customers. Every automated message sent out is one less e-mail sent out and phone call your staff has to make. SoloVue's automated e-mails and fax campaigns cover everything from order recaps and shipping acknowledgments to past due balances, invalid credit cards, sales reps updates and out of item shipment dates to name a few.


Cloud Based Solution

coloSoloVue utilizes Software As A Service(SAAS) technology. The responsibility of technology and administration has shifted to us and our staff. This is a view of the actual data center where your data is kept. In addition there is no hardware or additional software to purchase or maintain and all upgrades are done automatically and implmentation is dramatically simplified. Also there is no capital expenditures required so there is less risk for you and your company. For just a low monthly fee you get full access to SoloVue and realize all the functional benefits of a powerful program.