Inventory Management

inventory managementInventory and product management, with all of its many moving parts, is an integral component of all wholesale and distribution companies. Inaccurate inventory counts can reduce potential sales and create order delays and cancellations. Erroneously reported inventory valuation can result in incorrect profit and loss statements. SoloVue's powerful inventory management module allows immediate access to information about inventory levels, orders, backorders, shipments and suppliers. This translates into a better overall cost control structure while allowing for rapid order turnaround capabilities. Rules and Roles are changing within the supply chain creating new opportunities. Giving customers a better experience is essential. Forward thinking customers can now utilize SoloVue to help deal with the multitude of supply chain issues while managing the bottom line.


Key Inventory Management Features


  •  Auto release of orders based on your company policies
  •  Optimized pick list workflow ensuring quicker order pulling
  •  Increased picking and packing accuracy
  •  Seamless integration with UPS/Fed Ex softwares
  •  Auto invoicing
  •  Auto product discontinue
  •  Auto backorder creation