Customer Service

customer serviceSoloVue takes customer service to another level. At your fingertips is everything you need to know about a customers and their orders, whether it be product availability, credit worthiness, shipment trackability or past products ordered just to name a few. You can also create or modify orders, apply and manage credit cards and credit memos and e-mail a customer directly from the order screen. All together this readily available information will allow your customer service team, or anyone else, the ability to quickly and efficiently handle any inquires without passing the customer to another person. 


Key Customer Service Features


  • Orders automatically ship when ready eliminating any handholding of regular orders
  • New order handling bypasses the need for manual Customer Service entry through either the integrated B2B web solution or the  rep/tradeshow uploading process while automatically and concurrently determining order status and shipability
  • Automatically notifies customers of any order hold conditions
  • True paperless workflow
  • "At a glance" status codes allow for immediate order and customer status 
  • Saves notes on many different levels
  • Quickly create new orders through "fast entry"
  • Message customers directly from order or customer screen
  • Drop down menus allow a multitude of search options 
  • Ability to use multiple price lists


Key Sales Rep Features


  • Automatically assigns commissions based on rep activity, not just territory
  • Automatically assigns sales reps to new accounts
  • Ability to quickly split commissions
  • Create rep groups
  • Snapshot overview of all order's commission activity, quickly adjust commissions as needed
  • Easily reassign groups and reps to territories
  • Set goals for reps
  • Denote whether orders are direct or from rep
  • Automatic rep and rep group notifications through auto-messaging