e-commercegoodwebEnjoy even greater automation with SoloVue's fully integrated e-commerce solution (CustomerVue). Designed for your wholesale customers and connected underneath all firewalls SoloVue provides a powerful yet seamless website. Pulling in information from Solovue's internal databases allows your customers and sales reps the opportunity to manage their own business while enjoying instant access to product pricing and availability. To see a demo version of the e-commerce solution visit SoloVue demo site


Key B2B E-commerce Features


Customer Self Service (CustomerVue)


  • Customer Account Detail
  • Online viewing of printed catalog
  • Multiple credit cards
  • Real time inventory status
  • Create, modify, view status and track customer orders
  • Automatic notification of new and updated orders with order status and condition
  • Views past 2 years of orders
  • Ability to run promotions and specials
  • Immediate Automated messages to customers and reps on any activity
  • VIP section and messages
  • Drop ship orders created easily by customers
  • Key accounts and chains stay organized with private views of their products and order activity
  • Safeguards to ensure regular and drop ship orders meet company policies before automatic shipping


Sales Reps Self Service (RepVue)


  • Product availability
  • Add, modify, view and track customer orders
  • Order samples and printed catalogs
  • Product and customer activity
  • Direct order sales gauge for commissions 
  • Rep Metrics


Tradeshow Scanning (ShowVue)


  • Real time order entry and direct scanning into customer's online account
  • Compatible with any type of tablet or iPad
  • Multi cart option for seasonal dating or multiple stores
  • Utilizes palm sized handheld scanners
  • Suggests upsell of product not on showroom floor
  • Automatically sends out order copy to customers e-mail
  • Comprehensive real time show summaries