About us

corpgoodIn the early 90’s our company realized a need for a better, enterprise wide, wholesale and distribution software. Out of that need the predecessor was developed and named OM. OM was a tried and true program used by hundreds of companies over the past couple of decades. Regular updates were created and OM continued to serve its customer base successfully for many years. A few years ago our company realized that in order to truly take advantage of the strides in software functionality a whole new platform had to be developed. Based on the original OM architect and after several years of in depth development and a couple of years of daily use SoloVue has been launched and is now available for the wholesale distribution industry.


Currently, SoloVue is headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA. Our development team continues to enhance and refine our software based on customer needs. Our customer support team works tirelessly to ensure a smooth as possible transition from your old software to SoloVue. Our technical management division quickly and efficiently handles any performance issues that may arise and our sales team promptly handles any and all requests for more information, online demonstrations and pricing.