Client Testimonials


"I just wanted to drop you all a line to say thank you for all of your hard work over the last couple of months as we made the switch over to SoloVue. I know that our project was exceptionally challenging and I also know that Bright Ideas is maybe not your typical customer - we had a very distinct list of needs that, in order to meet OUR customers' needs, had to be met. Now that we are running and live, I really cannot tell you how much work the system is saving me. I am not drowning in stacks of paperwork and manual backorders anymore. I don't have to sort piles of orders by which container is coming. The wrinkles in our previous workflow are starting to get ironed out and once I get finished with go-live activities (entering credit card information, China purchase orders, etc.), I truly believe that Bright Ideas will be able to function more efficiently than ever before. For the first time ever, I am not finding myself dreading the upcoming busy season and all that it entails. So, thank you so much, again, for all of your hard work and excellent support. ."


"We do a big portion of our business at various shows, most of them lasting only a few days, so its important to make every second count. SoloVue’s trade show application has played a significant role in tightening up the time it takes to place and review orders with our customers, which means we get to more customers in a shorter amount of time—that makes everyone, the customers and us, very happy! Because the trade show application is live, we can easily keep track of all the activity on the sales floor. Customers really like that they are instantly emailed a recap after they’ve placed their order. A lot of people are catching onto and appreciating the paperless trend these days, and we’re happy to give them the option! The best part--and the biggest time saver--is that instead of having to enter thousands of orders when we get home, its business as usual! ."


"It is my pleasure to endorse SoloVue and their staff to the WORLD! I have only been a SoloVue user for four months, but during that time I have not only seen the software, but the staff as a whole in action. They are by far the best support I have received in my professional career. When I took over company operations in my current role, my predecessor was on his way out, and therefore was not able to give me any training on the system. I had to learn everything from the ground up. Typically, you would get grief or at the least some push back for asking too many remedial “training” questions. The only hassle I got was when I took too long to ask! They were always willing to listen, and help me in every aspect of my business. I’m no stranger to logistics, I have an MBA with a focus in logistics, but the team at SoloVue has always been willing to make suggestions on how we can make our operation more efficient and run even more smoothly. They are truly a partner to us and our business. There have even been times when the question was completely out of the scope of their business, but they found me the answer anyway. I can’t say enough about the software, or their support. ."